What We Do

We do more than just laptop repairs

Blog - Laptop running too hot

Most people nowadays use laptops. Due to their size, design and parts availability, they are more costly to repair but fixing laptops is actually our specialty! We can handle most brands and models

Blog - Why do computers break

Whether you are using your computer at home, or for business, a broken computer can be a nightmare! What a hassle - imagine the loss of time, productivity, headache, and, even more important, your data!

Blog - Shopping for a new computer

Is it time to move on with the times and replace your old laptop? We can help you select what’s right for your needs and budget. Our computers offer better quality, performance, reliability and lower total cost of ownership!

Should you upgrade or replace your computer

Sometimes, upgrading your computer makes more sense than replacing it. We can make it work better than when it ever was! You will save money, and it's also a green thing to do, reducing the impact on our environment. 

Data Recovery in Nelson

Imagine the horror when your computer broke down and you realize all your precious family pictures, documents, etc – all gone! We can help recover your data and prevent it with backup. We can also transfer your data to a new computer and help set it up the way you want.

Computer help for your home or business

Looking for reliable, affordable, and proactive IT support for your small business in Northside Brisbane? Talk to us, we will be happy to help. We offer prepaid IT support at competitive prices, and happy to assist on-site and remotely depending on your needs