Decision Time – Repair, Upgrade, or Replace Your Computer?
You know how our computers get old and tired, just like any other gadgets? The more we ask them to do, the more they struggle. While the new ones are all fancy and speedy, our old ones start lagging or even crash on us. And then they break... should you repair, upgrade or replace your computer when it happens?
Blog - Old vs new computer - repair, upgrade, or replace?

When your computer is having a tough time keeping up, don't sweat it. We're here to help. Drop it off with us, and we'll check it. We will figure out what's going on and find a fix that suits you. Sometimes, the easiest fix is the best one. Even a seemingly big issue can often be solved with a quick repair, bringing your trusty computer back to life.

If you want your computer to zip through tasks, consider giving it a memory boost. Or maybe swap out that sluggish hard drive or aging solid-state drive for a new, snappy SSD. It'll make your files pop up without delay, and your programs will launch in a flash. Best of all, it won't break the bank. One little upgrade and your old computer will be humming like new.

We'll always steer you in the right direction, keeping your budget and needs in mind. Think of your home PC like a car. If it's more cost-effective and practical, we suggest a newer model. After all, just like with cars, sometimes it's smarter to trade up for a more reliable ride.

The same basic principles apply to computers. We'll customize the perfect solution for you and your computer. Bring your computer by for a free checkup, and we'll help you figure out the smartest move!

Sometimes, computers break with major issues. Take the motherboard, for instance – it's the main part of any computer, often containing the processor, graphics chip, and memory. If it breaks, fixing it can easily cost several hundreds of dollars. Replacing it is even more expensive and usually will exceed the value of the computer, especially if it's several years old.

Our usual advice? If your computer was a low-end model and is now several years old, it probably makes more sense to replace rather than repair it. If it was a decent model back in the day, it's better to fix it and have it last another few years.

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