Backup To Survive A Hard Drive Crash
If you've ever experienced the dread of lost data or a broken computer, you understand the frantic search for that one USB stick or hope that your data was copied somewhere. Unfortunately, surprise failures, mechanical issues, theft, accidental file deletion, or malicious viruses can wipe out your digital life in an instant.
Blog - How to Survive A Hard Drive Crash

The Limitations of Common Sync Solutions

While popular syncing apps like Dropbox, iCloud, or OneDrive serve as convenient solutions for many, they fall short when facing malware and ransomware attacks. These apps upload infected versions as the malware encrypts your local files, rendering your previous, safe versions inaccessible.

In addition, only certain folders are synced, such as Documents, Desktop and Pictures. We've seen quite a few people storing important data in Downloads (bad idea - save those files somewhere else!) or losing their emails after their computer crashed.

Imagine the Unthinkable Loss

Take a moment to ponder the potential losses if your hard drive were to fail – precious photos, vital documents, and memories stored digitally. Some losses are inconvenient, while others are downright heartbreaking. We wouldn't wish that feeling on anyone.

You can easily re-download movies and music. You can't go back in time and snap those precious pictures of your family again.

What You Can Do: The 3-2-1 Approach

We recommend adopting a 3-2-1 approach to safeguard your digital life:

  • 3 Copies: Keep three copies of your data.
  • 2 Local: Maintain two copies locally at your home - this could be your computer and a portable hard drive
  • 1 Offsite: Have one copy stored offsite, preferably in the secure cloud. While it's best to use a cloud backup service that doesn't sync your data ALL THE TIME, using something like Dropbox, OneDrive or Google Drive is much better than nothing

Making Backup Simple and Secure

Backing up is no longer reserved for tech enthusiasts; it's a mainstream necessity. Consider a setup with your regular hard drive, a backup USB drive for essential files, and an automatic cloud backup for seamless protection against unforeseen events. This ensures your data is shielded from computer failures, accidents, and theft.

Access Anytime, Anywhere

The beauty of cloud backup lies in its accessibility. Retrieve files on-demand, whether you're away on vacation, at work, or simply left a crucial document at home. With your secure backup in the cloud, your data is always within reach.

The best way of doing it is by signing up for Microsoft 365 account - refer to our previous newsletter for more details.

Let Us Take Care of It

We understand that regular backups may not be a priority for many. That's why we offer cloud backup solutions that require minimal effort on your part. Enjoy the freedom of knowing your data is secure, and let us handle the rest.

Don't wait until panic sets in. Let's fortify your digital world together.


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